CoSyDat Mail-Manager zum sicheren Betreiben von eMail nach POP3 uns SMTP

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CoSyDat Mail-Manager zum sicheren Betreiben von eMail nach POP3 uns SMTP

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Description:   The CoSyDat Mail-Manager is designed for easy traffic of eMail correspondence like sending eMail according to protocol SMTP or receiving eMail according to protocol POP3. An unlimited number of control-sets for assessing eMail provider can be established, using any available combinations of RAS-entries and eMail Service Accounts. Any of this settings can be selected with one click to change the account and to start working with it.
Get your entire waiting eMail from the actual server in one step or download first a list of the envelopes of all waiting eMail and decide prior to download, what you want to do with the email; downloading, copying deleting or nothing. If you have the suspicion, that one of the downloaded eMail could have an attachment known as having sometimes a virus, move this eMail into the Quarantine for investigation.
eMail display:
Open any eMail file, preview the content prior to printing it, investigate the content of the hidden header (envelope), reply to the sender or forward to an other receiver and insert the senders address URL into the address book
Create your eMail text, for formatted text by using the eMail Editor, send it immediately or store it as interim at the outgoing Postoffice. Assemble your Memos or Mailings by importing address lists from the address book or from external sources.
eMail Editor:
Create your text RTF- or HTML formatted, test the orthography by spelling the text, using a user dictionary in up to 99 languages.
eMail administration:
Create topic folder for filing eMail, arrange your eMail at those folder for better refinding. Delete eMail not any more needed or backup an entire folder to a floppy.
When writing an eMail the receivers address can be taken from the address book or a list of receivers can be assembled at the address book for inserting or be imported by an external address list for mailings, memos or series mail. This is also valid for the receiver of "Cc".

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